Industry: Household & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals


Client overview

Bebak is a sanitizer distributor based in Luxembourg that provides highly effective sanitizers for personal and commercial use.


The project aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a modern and professional website that reflects the brand image of Bebak and promotes their sanitizers.
  • Provide a complete information about the company’s products.
  • Ensure that the website is optimized for all devices to provide a seamless user experience.


For the Bebak project, we focused on creating a modern and professional website design that reflects the brand’s image and promotes their sanitizers. We incorporated green colors throughout the website to visually connect with the product line.

Our team ensured that the website provided complete information about the compan’s products, including detailed descriptions and use cases.

To provide an easy-to-use website, we incorporated a simple and intuitive user interface. Additionally, we optimized the website for all devices to ensure a seamless user experience, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

In short