Industry: Law

Céline Corbiaux

Client overview

Celine Corbiaux is a lawyer based in Luxembourg with a wide range of expertise in various areas of law, providing legal advice and representation to her clients.


The project aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a website that is easy to navigate, provides visitors with relevant information about the client’s legal services, experience, and qualifications.
  • Ensure that the website is visually appealing, mobile-responsive, and consistent with Celine Corbiaux’s brand identity.
  • Implement SEO techniques to increase the website’s visibility on search engine results pages, thereby increasing traffic and potential leads for the client’s legal services.
  • Design a business card that accurately consistent with the branding.
  • Provide assistance with personal picture photo shooting to help the client present a professional image on her website and other marketing materials.


To accomplish the objectives stated above, we collaborated closely with the client. We conducted a thorough consultation to understand her expectations and goals for her website.

Based on this, we created a visually appealing website that featured Celine Corbiaux’s legal expertise, qualifications, and experience. To optimize the website for search engines, we used SEO techniques such as keyword research, metadata optimization, and link building.

To ensure the website was mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and free of errors and bugs, we conducted thorough testing and quality assurance.

We also provided guidance and assistance for personal picture photo shooting to ensure that Celine Corbiaux’s photos on her website and other marketing materials presented a professional image.

Additionally, we designed business cards that effectively communicated Celine Corbiaux’s legal services, and used high-quality paper and printing techniques to create a professional look and feel.

In short