Industry: Fiduciary

Fiduciaire Centre Luxembourg

Client overview

Fiduciaire du Centre Luxembourg is a Luxembourg-based fiduciary that offers a full range of accounting and tax services to its clients.


The project aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Establish a consistent visual identity for the fiduciary across all marketing materials, including the logo, business cards and website, to help people recognize and remember the brand.

  • Build a website that accurately reflects the brand image of the fiduciary and provides comprehensive information about its services.

  • Make sure the website is simple to use and looks great on all platforms.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support for the website.


Our approach to designing the logo and website for the fiduciary involved close collaboration with the client to gain a deep understanding of their brand identity, values, and services.

We conducted in-depth research on the target population to develop a website that was aesthetically beautiful, easy to use, and had all the necessary information.

The blue color scheme, font, layout, and other visual components that were applied to all marketing materials, including the logo and website, were outlined in a thorough design strategy that we created.

We provide continuing support and maintenance, including frequent updates and backups, to make sure the website was operational and current over time.

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