Industry: Vegetable, fruits and spirits producer


Client overview

Muller-Lemmer is a family-run business that has been producing and distributing authentic Luxembourgish food and alcoholic beverages for six generations. They are committed to providing fresh and high-quality products to the Luxembourgish food market via their 3 brands: Distillerie Muller-Lemmer, Haff Muller-Lemmer and the “Um Haff” boutique.


The project aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop a modern and visually appealing website that accurately represents the client’s products via the 3 brands.
  • Incorporate visually appealing design elements to establish trust in the quality and tradition of Muller-Lemmer’s products.
  • Design a simple and intuitive navigation structure for easy user experience.
  • Create a responsive website design optimized for all devices.


During our web design process, we put differentiation at the center stage. Our goal was to emphasize the quality of the products and the local/family aspect of the brand.

To achieve this, we focused on designing a simple navigation structure, product-focused content, impactful graphic design elements and authentic pictures. The website’s design features earthy tones of green, beige, brown and grey to convey the natural aspect of the food business.

To increase accessibility to a wider audience, we created a multilingual website.

The end result was a visually stunning website that accurately conveyed the client’s brand values and highlighted their commitment to quality and tradition.

In short